Energy Cleansing Smudge Kit

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Kit includes: White Sage, Palo Santo stick and Selenite wand. 

White Sage: Over the years, white sage has been used in a variety of applications from protection to spiritual cleansing. White Sage is most often used for clearing negative energy from an area of space through smudging. 

Palo Santo-(Holy wood): A natural wood incense used by the Incas & indigenous people of the Andes. When burned, Palo Santo is believed to have natural healing powers to help remove stress and emotional trauma.

Selenite: A form of Gypsum crystal which can be used to remove energy blockages from the body as well as to purify your space and cleanse aura. Selenite is believed to offer increased clarity and inner peace.

****Please note that information is strictly metaphysical and not meant to replace professional medical treatment.***