Immediate Release April 2022

"Black female business owner creates an unbiased shopping experience for the boss babe in charge of her spiritual journey."

Donna Richardson is the executive officer of Bossy Plans, an online spiritual boutique for faith-finders and curious questioners. The online boutique was launched in September 2019 for those open to exploring non-traditional paths to success and wholeness.

'Bossy Plans' is a safe space for African American women who love God but like to curse a little bit. "It's a judgment-free zone for wanderers."
Through Bossy Plans, Richardson invites wanderers from her hometown Little Rock, Arkansas, and those on a journey of self-discovery and exploration.

“As a Pisces, I am fascinated by vibes, crystals, and the metaphysical. Throughout the years, I have gained knowledge of what these things mean.” Providing support for the mind, body, and soul of her customers has become a lifestyle brand for Richardson. Her self-proclaimed “lifestyle brand” offers essentials for a spiritual journey.

Bossy Plans’ unique approach to spiritual healing combines ancient metaphysical tools with a touch of modern fashion.
Richardson hopes that the business she's building will contribute worldwide by enlightening the minds of those who might doubt their spirituality.

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Donna Richardson

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